"My darling, you are allowed to fail without being a failure. You are allowed to make mistakes without becoming one. More opportunities will present themselves, you will find hope again."
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"What doesn’t kill you gives you XP."
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"I am a broken guitar string,
snapping and singing
like a dying animal out front of
the restaurant because this
is our third fight this week
and I’m tired.

Tell me to shut up so I can
get louder.
Tell me I’m embarrassing you
so I can start dancing while the other couples watch.
See, when I said I loved you,
I meant all of you. Every blessed inch.
When I said I loved you, I meant
even when you were unraveling.

Now, when I am ugly with anger, righteous with spite,
you don’t like how it looks on me,
so I stay that way;
a statue of graceless rage that
you thought you could love because
you never saw what it looked like
when it was staring at you.

There is a kingdom in me,
and sometimes it is burning.
Sometimes, I let it.
I promise never to hide this from you.
That is my vow.
I promise to be an open mouth.
I promise to stay fractured.
I promise to be imperfect.
I promise to be the bravest
broken window you’ve ever seen."
- Caitlyn Siehl, Difficult (via alonesomes)

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"You are beautiful because you let yourself feel, and that is a brave thing indeed."
- Shinji Moon (via c-oquetry)

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